La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a nice charming city near the Atlantic Ocean.

La Rochelle grew up due to its port.

From the Middle Ages to the French Revolution, La Rochelle was the biggest port in France.
Nowadays, the trade in La Rochelle port was replaced by the Havre port for the Atlantic cost and Marseille port for the Mediterranean Sea.
Anyway, La Rochelle is still the biggest port in France for the yachting.

La Rochelle is a nice city to visit if you want to chill out during a week-end near the ocean.

La Rochelle is divided in two parts: the Old Town and the new city known as the La Rochelle Minimes part.
In the Old Town of La Rochelle you will find the Old Port and the city center with the shops and monuments.
In the new part of La Rochelle les Minimes you will find a plethora of universities, the new Minimes port and the beach!

If you're looking for a nice place to go out and chill at night with your friends, go to the Old Port in the Gabut district.

You'll find several pubs to have a drink while you watch the sunset!
You will also be able to play petanque, board games and assist at the tournaments organized by the pubs.

What to do and see in La Rochelle:

  • The Vieux Port
  • La Rochelle old Towers: Tour Saint Nicolas, Tour de la Chaîne and Tour de la Lanterne
  • The Cathédrale Saint Louis
  • The Grosse Horloge
  • The Maison Henri II
  • The Marché Couvert XIXe
  • The Eglise Saint Sauveur
  • The Parc Charruyer
  • The Plage de la Concurrence
  • The Shoping Street under the Arcades (Rue du Palais, Rue du Temple, Rue Saint Yon)
  • The Aquarium
  • The Musée Maritime
  • The Plage des Minimes
  • The Parc des Pères
  • Have a drink on the old port while watching the sunset
  • Have a sunset aperitive on a catamaran

Take half a day and a night to enjoy and discover La Rochelle! Take one day to discover La Rochelle and the Minimes Beach with the park!

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