Nantes will surprise you with its cheerful atmosphere and the quality of its heritage.

Nantes is the biggest French students' city and Nantes is famous for its nice life style!

Nantes is a nice place to go out and chill! You will find monuments, museums, big parks and nice pubs.

Nantes is one of the easiest city of France to visit because the tourist office of Nantes designed a trail of 12 km around the city center that you just have to follow to discover the city.
Just look to the green line painted on the floor and you will be able to discover the full city center of Nantes without the worries of getting lost

Nantes is a testimonial of some part of the French history.

First of all, you will find the culture heritage of the Brittany province with the Ducs of Brittany Castle and the pancakes restaurants everywhere in its city center (crêperies in French).
By the way you should definitely go to one of those crêperies for lunch and not only for dessert!

The second heritage of Nantes is the slavery heritage and the maritime trade of humans and merchandises.
Nantes port, located in the past on the isle of Nantes, was the biggest place to trade slaves in France.
Nowadays you will see on the bank of the Loire river a slave's memorial.

At the abolition of slavery, the port of Nantes has been used to trade the bananas from the French Antilles.

Nowadays the old part of the Isle of Nantes if full of nice pub where young people have fun and chill.
It's one of the liveliest places of Nantes at night. On the isle of Nantes you will find all the kind of pubs with urban music, latino, underground, punk, EDM and so on!
The pubs of the isle of Nantes are also great places to meet new people and play games like pétanque or darts!

The travel universe and the maritime universe is highly present in Nantes.
Nantes is located near the ocean. This great location permitted to the fantastic writer Jules Verne to imagine fantastic stories about the exploration of the seabed's and inspired him to write stories about robots and inventions like sub marine.

The museum of Jules Verne universe is located on the isle of Nantes and it is called les Machines de l'Ile. You will be able to see in les Machines de l'Ile Jules Verne story universe like robots inventions like Elephants, Planes, Submarines and so on.
Les Machines de l'Ile has its little sister in the Napoleon Square in La Roche sur Yon.

Main things to do and see in Nantes:

  • La Tour de Bretagne
  • Le Château des Ducs de Bretagne
  • Le Lieu Unique (Old Tower of Biscuits L.U factory)
  • Le Jardin des Plantes
  • L'Ile de Nantes et ses anciens Hangars à Bananes
  • Les Machines de l’Île
  • Place du Bouffay 
  • Place Royale
  • Passage Pommeraye
  • Place Graslin - Opéra Graslin 
  • La Cathédrale, l'église Sainte Croix, l'église Saint Nicolas
  • Le Jardin Japonais de l'Ile de Versailles
  • La Roseraie de Nantes la Beaujoire
  • Eat in a creperie
  • Buy in a supermarket and eat some petit Beurre Lu biscuits in a park
  • Have a drink at night in the Hangars a Bananes Pubs on Nantes Island


Take at least one day and one night to discover Nantes!


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