Marseille has been founded in -600 by the Greek Sailors. They baptised the city Massalía.

Marseille has been developed to trade products to all the Northern part of France and Europe with its port.
Nowadays Marseille is the 2nd port of France after le Havre.  

Marseille is also the 2nd biggest French city after Paris.

To chill in Marseille is really easy because you can almost spend all year long in terrace.
Marseille, as well as the majority of the French cities located near the Mediterranean Sea, benefits of more than 300 sunny days per year.

To enjoy those sunny days, you will have to go on the old port terrace.
Indeed there are really few parks in Marseille, so the best place to go is near to the port or on the Calanques park.

Marseille is famous for:

  • Its landscape (the Calanque hill near the sea)
  • The strong accent of southern people that lives in the city
  • The Marseille soap
  • The Bouillabaisse – seasoned fish stew
  • This yellow alcohol with aniseed called Pastis
  • It's windy weather that definitely bring good fresh air in the city for the warm summer days

In Marseille there is many good places to see:

  • Notre Dame de la Garde, the sacred church baptised la Bonne Mère by the locals
  • The Old Port of Marseille – Vieux Port
  • The Canabière – the Champs Elysées Avenue of Marseille
  • The place aux huiles and Place Thiars
  • The Street art in the 2nd district
  • The Major Cathedral
  • The Arc de Triumph – Porte d'Aix
  • The MuCem and Tour du Roy René
  • The Villa Mediterranée
  • Pharo's Garden
  • The Palais Longchamp, fine arts and natural history museum
  • The Velodrome Stadium
  • The Calanques hills and park: Luminy park, Calanque de Morgiou, Calanque de Sugiton  


Take at least one day to discover Marseille, as for us we highly recommend you to spend 2 days in Marseille!  

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