Finding a Student Job in Paris

In the first part, we will explain you what kind of jobs you can expect and then we will give you tips about where to look for a job or a student job if you speak French or if you don't speak French.  

General Jobs Conditions in France: Training Period – SMIC


Part time jobs:


Full time jobs:


The different jobs by working statues: (Training period, Internship, CCD, CDI, Interim, Working missions)


Now, as you saw the general rules about how the working industry works in France, it's time to give you all the clues to help you to find a Job in Paris or in its suburbs.

We will tell you what to do if you speak French, but also if you are looking for a job when you don't speak French at all.
We will not lie to you but most of the jobs offers will require that you speak at least French.
For sure it will be easier for you to find a job when you can "parle français!"

General Job Requirements: CV+LM + mail or Prensenti


Looking for a job in Paris and in its suburbs when you speak French:


Looking for a job in Paris and in its suburbs when you don't speak French:

If you don't speak French you might look for some babysitting.

In France, you will usually babysit the child after they quit school school at 16:30.
Usually part time work, you might work every school days of the week from 16:30 until that parents get back from work.

Lots of families are trying to develop a second language at home so they will appreciate to work with English, Spanish, German, Italian or Chinese native speakers.

If you are from another country than the ones listed below it might be harder to speak in your mother tongue but you can apply to do the babysitting in English!

You can also look to the cleaning industry as an Au Pair or not as an Au Pair.


Students Jobs Board:


General Jobs Board:


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