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Looking for answers to your questions? Have a look to the Frequently Asked Question that people ask us.

I’m not an Erasmus is the erasmusofparis.fr website is made for me?

Yes the information provided by Erasmus of Paris are made for you weather you take part to the Erasmus Exchange program as soon as:

  • You are or you will be a Study Abroad Student
  • You are or you will be a backpacker in France
  • You are or you will be an Expat in France

I’m not a student, is Erasmus of Paris is suitable for me?

Yes of course, Erasmus of Paris is made for:

  • Study abroad Students whether they are part of the Erasmus program or not
  • Backpackers that are just in France for few months or weeks
  • Expats

I’ll go to France but not in Paris, is the Erasmus of Paris website is relevant to me?

That’s a good question! Originally, the Erasmus of Paris website has been made only for the people that where going to Paris.
Then due to the huge success of the website, I’ve decided to extend the information provided to Paris Suburbs and then the whole France.

Nowadays, the Erasmus of Paris is made for everyone that will go in France!

I kept the name Erasmus of Paris, because Paris keep on being a symbol of France but as you read this text right now the reference to Paris in the name refers more to France as the city of Paris ;)


What will I found on Erasmus of Paris?

Erasmus of Paris provides information about travels, jobs, accommodation, transportation, main places to see in France, Paris and its suburbs for students, trainees, young workers or backpackers. Most of the information provided are 100% free and available on www.erasmusofparis.fr.

To get even more of your stay in France, you can buy the Discover France Guide e-book on www.erasmusofparis.com.

The Discover France Guide by Erasmus of Paris is a complete full guide writing by an ex study abroad student for study abroad students, backpackers and expats to help you to have the best of your stay in France.
You will find tons of tips to:

  • Discover France: the most amazing cities and the best landscapes to see, the main culture & traditions
  • Travel in France for the tiniest price ever
  • Speak the backpacker practical French language
  • Discover practical information about life in France: post office, pharmacies, weather in France, life cost, banks, supermarkets and so much more!

Get more information about the Discover France Guide on www.erasmusofparis.com


I’m desperately looking for an accommodation in France but it hard for me to find accurate results in English, could you help me?

To help you to find relevant information in English we have built a special search module on  search.erasmusofparis.fr

You can also have a look on the Erasmus of Paris Accommodation section!


Is Erasmus of Paris related to the Erasmus Student Network?

Absolutely not! ERASMUS® is a registered trademark owned by the European Union and represented by the European Commission. Erasmus of Paris is not related in any way to the ERASMUS® trademark neither to the European Union, European Commission or to the ESN - Erasmus Student Network.
Erasmus of Paris is just a website that provide information for International Students whether they are Erasmus or Study Abroad Student, Backpackers or Expats.
By the way, your Erasmus of Paris buddies does its best to keep the articles up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. If one of the tips provided on Erasmus of Paris seems out of date, contact us and give us the correct information so we can update the article ;)

I’m a company, can I work in collaboration with Erasmus of Paris?

Yes of course you can contact us for partnership! You can contact us in French or in English by filling our partnership contact form here: http://partenaire.erasmusofparis.fr

Erasmus of Paris customers are mostly young people aged 18-28 from around the world that speaks at least English or French. Most of them are students, expats or backpackers. They like travelling and partying.

If you think that we could collaborate, contact us with your proposition.


I still have a question and I couldn’t find my answer in your FAQ, what can I do to get an answer?

Feel free to ask us your question through the Erasmus of Paris contact form!

Have the best of your time in France,

Cedric for Erasmus of Paris

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