Cahors is a nice and small medieval city located in the North of Toulouse.  

Cahors will amaze you with its medieval heritage, the view that you'll have on the city and the river from the different hills and its charming riverside.

From the medieval Valentré Bridge to the Cathedral of Saint Etienne going through the market place or the banks of the Lot, Cahors is made to be explored and enjoyed!

Cahors is also the place to be for food and wine lovers.
Cahors is located in the South West of France. According to the French people, the South West of France is one of the places that you can eat the best French dish:

  • You will be able to find tons of specialities with duck such as the foie gras
  • You will be able to drink the local Cahors wine and not so far away from Cahors you will find the famous Bordeaux wine

What to do and see in Cahors:

  • The Barbacane Tower
  • The Jean XXII Tower
  • The Porte Fortifiée
  • The Arc de Diane
  • The Château du Roi
  • The Saint Etienne Cathédrale
  • The Maison Henri IV
  • The Horloge à Billes
  • The Medieval Pont Valentré
  • The Fontaine des Chartreux
  • Vestiges de l'Amphitéâtre Romain – Level -1 of the Amphitéâtre parking
  • The view of Cahors from the Saint Cyr hill
  • The view of Cahors from the Croix de Magne hill

Take at least a day to discover Cahors. Take one night to chill out in the city and enjoy Cahors landscapes from the hill!

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