Collioure is a little charming city of the French Mediterranean Sea
Collioure is the perfect place to go if you want to chill out for a weekend or for few day of holidays.

Located near the Spanish and French border between Perpignan and Barcelona, Collioure will amaze you with its plethora of beautiful landscapes.  
The city of Collioure is surrounded by the sea, the vineyard on the hills and the Pyrenean Mountains.

Collioure offers a wide range of hiking trails on the hills and near the sea, so if you like nature and beautiful landscapes Collioure will be your paradise!

Do not worry if you do not feel as sporty as the hiker mountain guy, the city of Collioure is full of good surprises if you just want to chill out!
First of all, Collioure is the place to be if you want to sit and chill at a coffee table.  
In Collioure you will find tons of amazing restaurants with traditional Catalan food, ice cream bars and coffees to drink homemade sangria.
If you like eating properly, Collioure is the place to be!

This city is also the place to go if you look to chill while doing window-shopping and buying souvenirs.
In Collioure there are amazing shops with souvenirs, clothing and art galleries with home staging designed artefacts.
Talking about the art galleries bring me to the point that the famous Catalan painter Salvador Dali made some of its masterpieces in Collioure.

If you want to sightsee the city and lay down on the beach, you will love the sand beach in the bay of Collioure.
First of all, Collioure have a real charming beach, you know the French romance of course…
Second of all you will see amazing colourful fish while diving to the bay of Collioure.
The beach of the bay of Collioure is also the perfect place to have a picnic and an aperitif with your friends.

Collioure is also during the summer time of July and August a good place to party and have sunset aperitif.

What to do and see in Collioure:

  • The Vineyard
  • The Cortina Windmill
  • Eglise Notre Dame des Anges
  • The Fort Saint Elme with the wonderful view over the bay of Collioure
  • The Royal Castle
  • Collioure city centre with its narrow streets and restaurants
  • Collioure’s shops: souvenirs, art galleries, espadrille shoes, clothing
  • The beach
  • Diving in the sea of the bay of Collioure to admire colourful fishes
  • Hiking on the hill and near the sea


What to Eat in Collioure:

Collioure is a wonderful city with restaurants everywhere. The Catalan food is highly influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish culture.

  • Collioure anchovy
  • Catalan cream
  • Catalan sausage
  • Catalan plate with olive oil, courgette, aubergine, onions and tomatoes.



It is sure you will love the visit of Collioure. Take at least a day to chill out and feel the spirit of Collioure! 2 days holiday’s trip or more are highly recommended!

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How to get to Collioure:  

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