Saint Germain en Laye

Saint Germain en Laye old red brick castle is famous for being one of the most important archeology museums in Europe.

The Archeology Museum:

Saint Germain en Laye Archeology museum has been created by Napoleon III in 1862 to store and show Napoleon III discovery of Alesia battle remains.

Alesia battle is a symbolic battle who opposed Vercingétorix the King of Gauls army to Jules Caesar Roman's Empire army.
Alesia battle took place close to the actual city of Dijon in -52. Alesia battle is quite famous because Jules Caesar won the battle and extended the Roman Empire to the territory of France.

Nowadays Saint Germain en Laye Archeology Museum represents a testimonial of human life history from the beginning of humanity, during the prehistory Age, to Middle Age period.

Saint Germain en Laye museum is organized chronologically to cover all the period from prehistory time call the Stone Age (-800 000) to Middle Age (1000).

In the museum you will see archeology artefact's from:

  • Prehistory Stone Age - Paleolithic: hunting time and prehistory caveman from -800 000 to -5 500
  • Stone Age - Neolithic,  where humans built the 1st villages and farm in the prehistory period from -5 500 to -2 100
  • Bronze Age, where the 1st jewelries, wars tools where created from -2 100 to -750
  • Iron Age, where the 1st tools made by human hands were trade with other countries from -750 to -450
  • Gauls time which represents a period of war between France territory and Roman Empire. It is also the first period where coins and money where created -450 to -52
  • Roman Empire, where the first roads, aqueduct or other water distributions to the cities were created. Roman Empire also made the first big entertainments with Colosseum games from -52 to 450
  •  The Middle Age with the first medieval Castles, Churches and Armors from 450 to 1 000 
    Middle Age period ends up in 1400 but Saint Germain en Laye museum don't cover this period after the year 1000'.

The Castle History

It's not possible to attribute the construction of Saint Germain en Laye Castle to one single man and king because several type of castle has been built and destroyed to make the actual Castle of Saint Germain en Laye. To mention few of them, they were some historical events like wars or fire.

But most part of Saint Germain en Laye Castle, as you can see it today is attributed to François 1er, the king of France from 1515 to 1547.

The Park and the Walk:

Saint Germain en Laye Castle is located on a hill, surrounded by forests. 
This means that Saint Germain en Laye Park is really peaceful.

Because Saint Germain en Laye is not far away from Paris, you have an amazing view over the business area of La Défense!

You can also admire the Eiffel Tower or Sacré Cœur Basilica ;)

A warm up preview of Saint Germain en Laye Castle, Park and Museum


How to get to Saint Germain en Laye Catle and Museum: Musée d'Archéologie Nationale et Domaine National de Saint Germain en Laye, Château place Charles de Gaulle 78100 Saint Germain en Laye

  • RER A Saint Germain en Laye
    Bus: 258
    Vélib' (City Bike): bring your own bike cuz' there is no city bike in Saint Germain en Laye yet!
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N153 Saint Germain en Laye

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