Avignon is a charming city of the South of France famous for its bridge popularized by the French children’s song “sur le pont d’Avigon.  

I’m sure you may have heard “sur le pont d’Avignon” song at least once in your life. If you do not remember, you can click here to listen the “sur le pont d’Avignon” children’s song.

If you are able to see only a piece of the bridge nowadays it is because the flow of the water had broken the bridge several time during the past.

Apart from its famous bridge, Avigon has a really charming historical city centre.
A defensive wall surrounds this Roman city built in the 1st century BC.  
In the historic city centre of Avignon, you will be able to chill at restaurants terraces and enjoy the South of France easy life style!

From the top of the hill, in the Rocher des Doms Park, you will enjoy the view around Avignon and discover the flavour of the Provence with its vineyard cottage on the hill and its cypress and other pines.  

Avignon is also known to be the 2nd Vatican due to its massive Papal Palace that was built in its centre.
Indeed Avignon took the role of the Vatican City in the 14th century. From 1309 to 1377 the catholic pope moved their headquarters from the Vatican to the Papal Palace of Avignon.

What to do and see in Avignon

  • The Avignon Bridge – Pont d’Avignon
  • The overwiew from the hill – Rocher des Doms park
  • The Avignon Papal Palace – Palais des Papes
  • L'Hôtel des Monnaies
  • Théatre d'Avignon – Opéra
  • Basilique Saint Pierre d'Avignon
  • Chilling at restaurants Terrace   

Take half a day, to discover and chill in Avignon!

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More information about Avignon on www.ot-avignon.fr

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