Accommodation Help

You need assistance to make your accommodation research or fill the paper to rent a flat?
Your rent is so fucking expensive than even a little financial assistance would make your stay sweater?
So you must read this section!

Accommodation research assistance in Paris:

We all know it's difficult to look for an accommodation when you are a student. Because it could be even harder when you are a foreign student, we provide you a list of institutions that can help you during your home search. Those institutions can help you if you need assistance to find a room, fill a paper, understand the housing in France terms and conditions and so on!

Financial accommodation assistance:

You can also get some financial help to pay a part of your rent. The financial accommodation subsidy for students and Erasmus students is delivered by the CAF (French family allowance office).
You should apply on the financial assistance directly on the CAF website.

And remember that you can always get assistance by following the links above to help you fill your accommodation paperwerk ;)


How to get an Accommodation in Paris:


Hold on you're just in a step to get your accommodation ;)

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