Map Me Travelling Pocket Maps

Have you ever wanted to travel without taking tons of roads maps and city maps on your backpack?

We have very good news for you: it's possible to travel with almost no paper maps but just with your cell phone; even if you don't have any internet connection during your journey.

Map.Me is an app available for smartphones that will let you access to worldwilde's map with or without internet connection.
With Map.Me you can travel everywhere without the worries of getting lost.

When you connect to Map.Me the app will show you the exact location of where you are on the map whether you are connected or not to the internet.
You can plan your trip and travel in different countries without asking for roads and cities maps.

With Map.Me you will be able to:

  • Find your actual location on a map
  • Planned your journey for your trip (to see the distances and travel time)
  • To use the GPS option so you will never get lost.
    This GPS option work both if you are online and offline. Furthermore, the Map.Me GPS work either if you planned a trip by car, bike or if you are on a pedestrian journey! 

So you understand that the huge power of Map.Me is its GPS option for smartphone when you are not connected to the internet.
To be able to use the offline GPS of Map.Me the only deal is that you will need to download the map of where you go before your trip, when you still have an internet connection.

It's time for you to travel and discover new horizons with Map.Me!

Map Me Travelling Pocket Maps

You can download Map.Me for free on your smartphone:

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