Top 5 Places to Party in Paris

Hey party animal,

You’ve started to discover Paris by day and you would get even more of Paris by enjoying it by night too!! You’re definitely right!!
We knew that you were Internationals party animal, that’s why we decided to indicates you the best places to party in Paris in an international and friendly atmosphere on this page ;)

Fiesta Erasmus @ Duplex Paris

One of the must place to Party as an Erasmus in Party is at Duplex Club.
Near to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysées Avenue the Duplex is a Nightclub with different dancefloor, a restaurant and a bowling.
Duplex Party takes places every day of the week, but every Tuesday they make the special Party for the Erasmus students.
This famous Fiesta Erasmus party takes place every Tuesday and you can have free entrance for you and your friend while showing your student card before 0:30

Erasmus Parties Paris

Ckeck more of Duplex Party schedule on

How to get to Duplex Paris: 2 bis Avenue Foch, 75016 Paris

M1-2-6 RERA Charles de Gaulle Etoile
Bus: 22-30-31-52-73-92-Balabus
Vélib' (City Bike): 8028 Arsene Houssaye – 8057 Hoche – 8056 Wagram – 17033 Carnot
Noctilien (Night Bus): N11-N24 Charles de Gaulle Etoile Grande Armée or CDG Etoile Champs Elysées, N53 CDG Etoile Kébler or CDG Etoile Friedland, N151-N153 CDG Etoile Friedland


Opening hours of Duplex Paris


Erasmus party @ Mix Club Paris:

Discover one of the greatest dancefloor of the capital!
To reach the party from the Mix Club entrance you will find a toboggan. Then you can fully enjoy the party and see what’s happening in the club on the giant screen!

The Mix Club is located in front of Montparnasse train stations so you will have night buses to bring you home from the club.

International Party Paris

Every Thursday in Mix Club you will have the Erasmus / International students party with a free entrance to the club if you come before midnight with your ID card

How to get to Mix Club Paris: 24 rue de l’Arrivée, 75015 Paris

M4-6-12-13 Montparnasse Bienvenüe – Transilien N Montparnasse
Bus: 28-58-82-88-89-91-92-94-95-96
Vélib' (City Bike): 15001, 15118 Rue de l'Arrivée – 14127 Odessa – 14101 Edgar Quinet
Noctilien (Night Bus): N01, N02, N12, N13, N61, N62, N63, N145 Montparnasse


Opening hours of Mix Club

Bercy Ice Skating Rink – Patinoire de Paris Bercy

Discover one of the craziest dancefloor of Paris.
Every two weeks, in the Bercy ice skating rink you will find a party club experience with music, light show and DJ sets.

Of course you will be able to dance on the rink with your skates.

Check the Bercy Ice Skating website to see when is the next party!


Erasmus of Paris Parties

How to get to Patinoire de Paris Bercy: 222 Quai de Bercy, 75012 Paris

M6-14 Bercy, M14 Cour Saint-Emilion
Bus: 24-64-87-109-111
Vélib' (City Bike): 12025, 12108, 12026 Bercy – 12033 François Truffaut
Noctilien (Night Bus): N32 Lachambeaudie or Dijon Lachambeaudie, N35-N130 Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances


Opening hours of Bercy Ice Skating Rink


California avenue Paris:

You can’t decide if you want to go to a party or just chill in a pub for a drink with your friends.

Don’t decide, you can do both!!
We know a place where you can go for a drink and find a small dancefloor in the pub.
And the best news is that you will find cheap prices in this pub that will fit your students income.
Last but not least, California avenue is also located in a typical Parisian arched wine cellar ;)

Arched Wine Cellar Paris

How to get to California Avenue Pub/Club Paris
: 33 bis rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris

M1-4-7-11-14 Châtelet, M3 Sentier, M4 Les Halles, RER A-B-D Châtelet les Halles, M4 Etienne Marcel, M11 Rambuteau
Bus: 21-29-38-47-58-67-69-70-72-74-75-76-81-85-96
Vélib' (City Bike): Châtelet – Boulevard Sébastopol – Etienne Marcel
Noctilien (Night Bus): N11, N12,  N13, N14, N15, N16, N21, N22, N23, N24, N122, N144, N145 Châtelet and stops around.


Opening hours of California Avenue Pub Paris


On the Road Pub Paris:

Located in Montmartre district in Paris, nearby the Sacré Coeur, On the Road Pub is a nice place to chill at night while backpacking.
In the pub you will find a plethora of beer for a quite cheap price in Paris and snacking like tapas and nachos.
On the Road is the place to stop for a drink when you’re in Montmartre if you want to meet backpackers from around the world.

Erasmus Party

How to get to on the Road Pub: 20 rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris

M2 Blanche, M2-12 Pigalle, M2 Anvers, M12 Abbesses
Bus: 30-31-54-74-80-81-85-95-Montmartrobus
Vélib' (City Bike): 9005 Anvers – 9018, 18042 Pigalle – 18043 Blanche – 18005, 18006 Sacré Cœur – 18004 Abbesses
Noctilien (Night Bus): N01, N02 Blanche, Pigalle, Rochechouart Martyrs and Anvers Sacré Cœur – N14, N44 Château Rouge


Opening hours of On The Road Pub Paris. Check On the Road Website for more information about the drinks and opening hours

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