Paris Life Cost

What is Paris life cost as students?

You just got an opportunity to make a mobility exchange in Paris!!
And you got fucking happy about it... but at the same time you start to wonder if you're not gonna run out of money during the time that you will spend here as an Erasmus.

Keep calm and take it easy, we've listed you the main cost that you will have by living in this wonderful and charming city of love call Paris.
We have also add you tons of practical tricks that are gonna make you save money ;)

Before you start to read this, we want to let you know that all the information here is given as indicative resource. Your own life cost experience might be different!

Rent - Accommodation:

Housing in Paris is expensive. Accommodation will be your main expenses.
Students' flat between 9m² to 20m² will cost you approximately between 450€ to 800€ per month.

To find cheap housing in Paris we advise you to have a look on our accommodation section.
You can lower the rent by living in Hall of Residence, living in a double room or sharing a flat with flat mates.
We have also wrote you tips to lower your rent with financial help grant and so on ;)

  • Students' flat between 9m² to 20m² in Paris
  • between 450€ to 800€ per month
  • Average price of 600 € per month

Public Transport (Navigo Monthly Pass):

Transport in Paris are quite expensive but the good point is that we have a very good network. This means that you will be able to find public transport operating 24/7 which can be useful if you wanna go out like a party animal!
Depending on the place you live and the location of your school you will need different amount of zones so you will pay a different price.

  • To keep it simple someone who live in Paris will pay around 75€ per month.


We took example about what will cost a meal if you cook it by yourself. So we deal about the food price in supermarkets not restaurants.
NB: This food price also work if you took your meal on the cheap students' cafeterias we've listed for you.

  • Average meal will cost you a little bit more than 3€

Parties - Going Out:

Living abroad, as worker or student in another country has to do with magic.
Especially if you live in the city center of a big city like Paris.
You will be able to make tons of new friends and increase the quality of your social life dramatically.
This is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in your life so enjoy it fully!

Meetings with your friends in Parisian pub, going together to the best Erasmus parties, discovering the city during a pub-crawl or just having a walk a night you will always find activities to make you feel deeply alive ;)
So save money for this!

To give you an example, if you are going out two times per week you will spend approximately 40€ each week.
For instance the average amount of money you'll spend in club for entrance and two drinks will be around 20€.

Because we are fully aware that increasing the quality of your social life is the best gift we can offer you we have reserved you tons of tips and discounts like free entrance in night clubs, free drinks and so much more ;)

  • Going out two times a week will cost you approximately 50€
  • Keep at least 160€ for going out each month

Cultural visits:

This is one of the good news of your stay in Paris: most of our main monuments and museums are free of charge.
This condition is valid if you're under 26 and live in the EU. If you don't live in the EU don't worry; as you're staying in France for several month you probably have the visa paper of EU resident that will bring you similar right as EU citizens (you may check the free entrance conditions more carefully to see if your visa will work or not).

Unfortunately, some good museums like Paris Catacombs or monuments like the Opera will not deliver you free entrance. You will have to pay around 10€ in this kind of museum.

Maybe you will also be interested in some live show or festival to see your favorite band. This kind of event will cost you between 25€ to 40€.
Opera tickets are sold for around 20€.

  • 15€ per month will be enough for cultural visits if you are under 26 ;)

Mobile phone:

The other good news of the day is for your mobile phone!
France have very competitive cheap phone call package. Depending on the option you want, your mobile phone package will cost you between 2€ to 20€ per month.


Making an Erasmus is the perfect time to travel with people you've met and discover new cities.
France cannot be sum up only to Paris! You should explore the countryside and even go much further in our European neighborhood countries like UK-Belgium-Germany-Italy-Spain...
It's difficult to schedule a budget for travel cuz' the money you'll spend will depend on the places you will visit and activities you'll do.

  • We thought that 300€ for each trip, 3 days trip including night and transportation price, is a fair amount.

And by the way, remember that if you want to Dicover France, we have made a guide that presents you the Best of France!

Well it's a good article but I'm too lazy to count all that money, can you sum up what will be my average monthly life cost as a student in Paris?

So lucky you are today!

Rent – Accommodation ≏ 600€




   Monthly average main expenses might be between 900€ and 1300€ per month

Public Transport ≏ 75€

Foods ≏ 270€

Parties – Going Out≏ 160€

Cultural visits ≏ 15€

Mobile Phone ≏ 10€

Travel ≏ 70€

Before you start to count all your coins and bank notes we want to suggest you a comparative website of prices in Paris to the one of your city.
And remember that all Erasmus of Paris team are here for you to make you have a good time and save money ;)

Ps: Erasmus of Paris does its best to keep the Paris Life Cost up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. If the Paris Life Cost seems out of date, contact us and give us the correct information so we can update the article ;)

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