Libraries in Paris

You need to work in group but your flat look like more at a kennel than a palace? So you think that you will be a little bit packed together if you invite friends to work.

Don't worry Paris have good public libraries.

In Paris Libraries you will be able:

  • To work in groups (if you arrived to keep quiet for a while party animals)
  • To borrow books, cds and dvds.
  • You will also have an internet access with public wireless or if your laptop is down you can also use libraries computer.

Before I let you have a look in library's map, just peak a sneak in our cheap place to eat in Paris, because some library are just close to student's restaurant and trust me, having a restaurant or a cafeteria is good for a break!

Dammit, you got trapped, now you cannot have excuses of not doing your work ;D

Parties, live show, good tips and so much more...

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