Vaux le Vicomte Castle

Discover Vaux le Vicomte, the Castle who inspired the construction of The Palace of Versailles ordered by Louis XIV!

Vaux le Vicomte Castle was ordered by Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV's Superintendent of Finance.

Vaux le Vicomte has been made by the most famous three artists in the French history castles construction:

Vaux le Vicomte is the first place where the French Garden Landscape was used in the history. After Vaux le Vicomte, the "French Garden Landscape" style inspired the whole of Europe for more than a century!

Vaux le Vicomte Castle becomes famous during the 17th of August 1661 party, organized by Nicolas Fouquet. Louis XIV superintendent of finance invited, to that party, the King with his Court.
During that 17th of August 1661 night sumptuous meal was delivered to the guests.
After the meal, the guests were invited to see a theater piece at night with candlelit in Vaux le Vicomte Garden.
At the end of the show had been set off incredible Fireworks, just in front of Vaux le Vicomte Castle. 

The Castle and the show were so impressive that it gives the impression to the king Louis XIV to live like a crap. Louis XIV got jealous and saw his superintendent of finance invitation as a way to humiliate his honor.

Let's mention that in 1661, Versailles Castle wasn't built as the way you know it today!
It was only a small hunting lodge!

Louis XIV arrested in superintendent of finance to put him in Vincennes jail.

Then he took Versailles Castle's inspiration looking at Vaux le Vicomte Castle.

In Vaux le Vicomte you will be able to see:

  • The Castle
  • The French Garden Landscape from the Dôme
  • The French Garden Landscape and Park
  • The Carriage Museum that will make you revive the art of master coachbuilders

As Vaux le Vicomte Castle and Garden is quite big we advise you to go there for 1 full day in a sunny time ;)

We also invite you to peak a sneak at Vaux le Vicomte website because the castle team plan lots of events yearly!
For instance you might be able to see some water show in the castle park without any additional fee from the usual entrance price according to Vaux le Vicomte schedule.
You can even live this 1661 night and party in a safe position (don't worry nobody's gonna send you in jail) by visiting Vaux le Vicomte during the Candlelit evening show!

A sample of Château de Vaux le Vicomte:

How to get to Vaux le Vicomte Castle: Château de Vaux le Vicomte, 77950 Maincy

  • Transilien (Urban Train): line R from Paris Gare de Lyon to Melun.
    Get off at Melun train station.
    At Melun train station take the "ChâteauBus" shuttle - (operating only during weekend and bank holidays for the beginning of April to the end of October approximately).
    Check how to come to Vaux le Vicomte Caslte on Vaux le Vicomte website first!

  • Book a room in Melun
  • Maps:

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