La Ferté Milon

Located in the North East of Paris in only one hour, La Ferté Milon will amaze you with its look of a small village and its stone houses.

If you live in Paris, going to La Ferté Milon during a week-end day for a picnic is the perfect place to clear your mind and forget about the noisy stress of the city.

Apart from being a relaxing place near the Canal de l'Ourcq, La Ferté Milon is a quite famous city because it's the city where Jean Racine, the French dramatist, was born and grew up.

Jean Racine is recognized worldwide as a fervent defender of the French language.
Jean Racine contributed to the French language promotion with its writings and with the role he had at the French Academy during 26 years.

The French Academy has been created in 1635, 4 years before the birth of Racine, to promote the unification of the French language through the French Kingdom.
Before the creation of the French Academy the French language had its own expression regarding of the area of France you were speaking.
The main goal of the French Academy was to develop a dictionary where rules were given to the French language to make it eloquent, pure, practical and useful to explain the sciences and the arts.

If the French language got its place on the world scene language, it's for sure thanks to the work developed by the French Academy.

You will be able to see Jean Racine statue in the old building of the French Academy in Paris with its now the actual Louvre Museum.
Nowadays the French Academy still operate but they move the headquarter in Front of the Louvre Museum on the other bank of the Seine.

Main things to see and do in La Ferté Milon:

  • Eglise Saint Nicolas
  • Canal de l'Ourcq banks
  • Place du Port au Blé
  • The pretty stone houses
  • Jean Racine Museum
  • Eglise Notre Dame
  • La Ferté Milon Castle Ruins
  • Have a picnic near Canal de l'Ourcq

Take a sunny day of your week-end to discover La ferté Milon!

A sample of La Ferté Milon:

How to get to La Ferté Milon: La Ferté Milon, 02460 Picardie, France

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