Vincennes Medieval Castle

Vincennes Castle is famous for his donjon, which is now the symbol of the city of Vincennes. Château de Vincennes is also one of the biggest Medieval Castles in Europe.

Vincennes Castle construction started in the 12th century when the Capetian monarch (one of the Kings of France family in Middle Ages) established a hunting lodge in the Forest of Vincennes.

The famous donjon was built, in 1350, at the begging of the famous war who opposed the French King's army to the British King's army for 1 century (Hundred Years' War). 

After the donjon construction the monarch build the protective wall around Château de Vincennes.

When the French revolution of 1789 was over, Vincennes Castle lost its royal residence status to become a Military place.
This Military arsenal was reinforced by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Vincennes Castle was also used as a high standing jail for important people.
Vincennes Prisoner got good treatments like the possibility to hunt in Vincennes wood.

To mention some of famous name who've been imprison in Vincennes you had:

  • Henri IV before he was the King
  • Nicolas Fouquet (Louis XIV superintendant of finance and Vaux le Vicomte owner)
  • Famous philosopher of the Enlightenment Age like Diderot or Mirabeau

The main parts to see in Vincennes Castle are:

  • Château de Vincennes keep or donjon
  • The Holy Chapel

If you are in Vincennes to visit Vincennes Castle, you can plan to stay in the city for a day to discover at the same time the Parc Floral de Vincennes, Vincennes Forest as well as Vincennes Zoo!

A sample of Château de Vincennes:

How to get to Vincennes Castle: Château de Vincennes, Avenue de Paris 94300 Vincennes

  • M1 Château de Vincennes, RER A Vincennes
    Bus: 46-56-112-114-115-118-124-210-318-325
    Vélib' (City Bike): 12123 Château de Vincennes Metro - 43006 30 av des Minimes - 12124 Parc Floral Route de l'Artillerie
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N11, N33 Château de Vincennes

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  • Maps:

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