Château de Versailles

Versailles Castle is famous for being the most important and the most representative castle of the French Monarchy.

Versailles Castle has been mostly built on the order of Louis XIV, "Le Roi Soleil" the most famous French King of all time.

Louis XIV is so famous in France and all over the world because he developed solid foundations for the French kingdom:

  • In terms of administration management with formalized procedure
  • In terms of finance with more accounting details

This modernization of managing the state inspired several other countries in the world.

Louis XIV
also built massive connections to increase the communication over the kingdom.  Those connections are nowadays the main roads linking the biggest cities in France.

To build Versailles' castle, Louis XIV transformed the old hunting brick stone house that belonged to his father Louis XIII.

Versailles' Castle has been constructed by following the drawing of Vaux le Vicomte Castle.
Vaux le Vicomte has been the model for Louis XIV Versailles' construction.

But the king decided to make Versailles' Castle more impressive than Vaux le Vicomte.
Louis XIV couldn't handle to live in a smaller castle that his superintendent of finance, Nicolas Fouquet.
You should definitely have a look on Vaux le Vicomte article to learn more about Louis XIV jalousie crisis towards his superintendent of finance, Nicolas Fouquet!

In 1682, Louis XIV decided to move the Court and the Seat of Government from Louvre Palace (actual Louvre Museum) to Versailles Castle.

At Versailles Castle you will see:

  • Versailles Castle
  • The Trianon Palaces
  • Versailles Garden and Park designed by the French Landscaper André le Nôtre


What to see in Versailles Catsle

  • Versailles Chapel and the 17th century galleries
  • Mesdames' apartments, Louis XV's daughters
  • Dauphin's apartments, the heir to the Throne
  • Hall of mirrors
  • State apartments - King's chamber
  • History of France galleries

What to see in Palaces of Trianon:

In Versailles Park, you have two recreational residence called Trianon.

  • Le Grand Trianon was used by Louis XIV as a summer residence for short stay visit to have a break, far away from usual constraints of power and the crowd of courtiers.
  • Le Petit Trianon, also known as Marie Antoinette's Estate
    Made one century after Louis XIV reign, Le Petit Trianon was built in 1762 for Louis XV and his wife La Marquise de Pompadour.
    But the Petit Trianon becomes famous under Louis XVI, when the king decided to give this estate, in 1774, to his wife Marie Antoinette.
    The Petit Trianon immediately became Marie Antoinette favorite place to stay. The Queen found a way to have intimacy and tranquility, far away from the buzz of the Court.
    Le Petit Trianon is really famous because Marie Antoinette organized it according to her personal taste.
    Marie Antoinette was the only Queen who had the power to design a part of Versailles Castle.

What to see in Versailles' Gardens and Park:

Laid out by the French Landscaper André Le Nôtre in 1661, Versailles' Garden made the promotion of French Garden Landscape art all over Europe. A French Garden landscape is geometrical and shaped with groves, statues, fountains and mirror games.

As Versailles' Garden is quite huge, you can walk in the Park for one full day!
If you have the opportunity to visit Versailles Garden by riding a bike, just do it ;)

Remember than Versailles Castle, Palaces of Trianon and Park is quite big, you should go to Versailles for at least one full day!

All year long, you will also found different kind of shows in Versailles to make you feel as is if you were Louis XIV in person.

Discover Louis XIV's life with "the walk of the King":

  • with fountains flowing to the sounds of baroque music during "Les Grandes Eaux Musicales" show
  • to the sounds of music during "Les Jardins Musicaux" show
  • at night with illuminated gardens to the accompaniment of music ending with a fireworks display during "Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes" show
  • or discovering "Party Life" in Versailles' Castle with Baroque musicians and dancers in Versailles Hall of Mirrors before going to "Les Grandes Eaux Nocturne" show in "The Sérénades Royales in the Hall of Mirrors" show

You will be able to get additional information about all those special shows on Versailles' Castle website ;)

A sample of Chateau de Versailles History:

How to get to Versailles Castle: Château de Versailles, Place d'Armes 78000 Versailles

  • RER C Versailles Rive Gauche
    Bus: C-D-F-H-L-Z
    Vélib' (City Bike): there is no city bike in Versailles yet!
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N145 Versailles Rive Gauche

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