Champs sur Marne Castle

At a step from Marne la Vallée University, you will find Champs sur Marne Castle and Park.

Château de Champs sur Marne was built in 1703 as the country residence of the financial Minister of Louis XIV to escape the constraints of power and royal administration.

Champs sur Marne Castle architecture is characteristic from the 17 century countryside residences and private hotel of the bourgeoisie.

You can easily notice that Château de Champs sur Marne looks like the Elysées Palace, which was built as the same period; and which is use now as the French President Office and residence.

The main interesting part of Château de Champs sur Marne is the quality of the furniture's that you have inside the castle.

Champs sur Marne Castle also have a really nice park.

People with high political function used to go to Château de Champs sur Marne to relax and have a break by hunting in the park.
And if you found Champs sur Marne Park quite big nowadays, notice that it was 7 times bigger in 1700's.

The main view from the middle of Champs sur Marne Castle is shaped as a French Garden Landscape, stylized with geometrical shape, fountains and vegetable napkins.
The aside garden part from the castle grew more freely.

If you study at Marne la Vallée University, we recommend you to get there after classes and have a resting walk in the park during sunny days ;)

A sample of Château de Champs sur Marne:

How to get to Château de Champs sur Marne
: 31, rue de Paris 77420 Champs sur Marne

  • RER A Noisiel, then take the bus 220 towards Bry sur Marne for 8mn' and get off at Mairie de Champs bus stops.
    Bus: 220
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N34 Mairie de Champs sur Marne

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  • Maps:

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