How to make sure you will get Erasmus of Paris important message with Gmail?

As you've might already noticed, due to your Erasmus of Paris membership statue we will send you extra information, by e-mail, about your Erasmus card or about special happenings & parties!

Because every single Erasmus of Paris card holder fellows are receiving those information, you can imagine it represent a lot of people who will receive those messages.

Due to this fact, Gmail will put automatically Erasmus of Paris e-mails into the "Promotions" tab which is where Newsletters & Promotional e-mails are store in Gmail.

Promotions Tab in Gmail - Erasmus of Paris

But maybe you never check this "Promotions" tab of your Gmail inbox cuz' let's face it; it can be "a lot of spammy"!

How to make sure that you will receive Erasmus of Paris important messages?

It's easy; you will have to tell Gmail that you want to receive Erasmus of Paris e-mail in your "Primary" inbox ;)

To follow this procedure you need to use Gmail in Desktop version, it will impossible to change your inbox tab rules directly from the app!

To do so, check your "Promotions" tab and look for Erasmus of Paris e-mails.
(If you don't have Erasmus of Paris e-mails in this tab yet, come back in few days, you might find some).

Then use the drag & drop function to drag & drop one Erasmus of Paris e-mail from the "Promotions" tab to the "Primary" tab! 

Gmail Drag and Drop Promotions Message to Primary - Erasmus of Paris

When the message "The conversation has been moved to 'Primary' - Do this for future messages from Erasmus of Paris - Massage Contact" will show up, click "Yes" ;)

Promotions to Primary Tab Gmail - Erasmus of Paris
Next time we will have good news to tell you about, we will reach you for sure =)

Last but not least, also think to add our e-mail address "Erasmus of Paris - Massage Contact" to your contact list to avoid your inbox skipping messages due to spam filters ;)

To finish this tutorial, we remind you that your e-mail address is safe store. We will never try to send you tons of promotional offers.
We will just send you useful information for your stay in Paris and if for some reason you don't want to receive any more e-mails from Erasmus of Paris, you can unsubscribe for the newsletter on one click ;)


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