Dijon is a French city famous for its mustard and for its Bourgogne wine.

Dijon is a nice city to chill and relax.

The city center of Dijon is quite small and you will be able to discover the full Dijon quite fast. So a good idea would be to ask the tourist office of Dijon about a guided tour of the city with some wine testing!

Main things to do and see in Dijon:

  • La Place de la Libération
  • Notre Dame de Dijon
  • Poste Grangier
  • Place d'Arcy
  • Jardin d'Arcy
  • Cathédrale Saint Bénigne
  • Eglise Saint Philibert
  • Théatre
  • Parc de la Fontaine aux Fées & Lac Kir (not in the city center)
  • Try some Dijon Mustard
  • Taste some Bourgogne Wine


Take at least half a day to discover Dijon!

A sample of Dijon:


How to get to Dijon:  

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Maps of Dijon:

More information about Dijon on www.destinationdijon.com/en/

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